SideSleeper Pro

*New and Improved*

Since our first release of SideSleeper Pro; we've upgraded to a breathable memory foam fill and increased our pillows size by 20%.

Millions Sold Worldwide!

Dr. Larry Cole (Chiropractic Physician) invented the famous J-Shaped SideSleeper Pro.

He realized the benefits of sleeping on your side and developed the SideSleeper Pro.

Millions have sold in over 35 countries around the world. Dr. Larry holds four patents on the pillow.

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Best night sleep... EVER!

Side Sleeper Pro alleviates pressure on your neck while opening up air ways to reduce snoring and improve comfort.

Our ergonomic design contours to your body & aligns your neck and spine for the best night sleep you've ever had!

Try Out SideSleeper Pro 100% RISK FREE for 30 nights - Money Back Guarantee


Customize your comfort.

Breathable and mold-able memory foam.

Extended spinal support.


✔ Better Posture

✔ Full Body Pain Relief

✔ Helps support neck & spine

✔ Unique Ear well design - removes pressure from your ear

 âœ” Hypoallergenic material

Patented doctor developed ergonomic design, engineered to give you a balanced sleep experience. 

Extended Spinal Support

High quality recovery foam layers offer luxurious comfort and pressure relief, breathable layers provide superior support and natural airflow.

Naturally molds to head and spine.


The Side Sleeper Pro® gives you a uniquely responsive, comfortable & breathable sleeping experience.

Supports natural temperature regulation and healthier sleep.

Are you a Side Sleeper?

Side Sleeper Pro is the best pillow ever designed for side sleepers!

What Recent Customers Have To Say

"The support this provides when my neck and back is truly a miracle. My whole body relaxes as my neck is not hurting... and the tail is just enough to support my back."

– Norene P.

Finally my search is over! I am a side sleeper and have been on the search for the perfect pillow, or really anything that didn't give me a major neck ache. I've tried them all. Saw an ad for one of these SideSleepers on TV and the rest is history.

– Shawn R.

Great pillow! It's pretty good at keeping its shape. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. Really good for sleeping in commercial flights.

– Jolly F.

Personalize your firmness with the Side Sleeper Pro!

Advanced memory foam core made with thousands of ultra cushioned memory foam pieces provide custom support as they mold to your body.